Andrew King
Mayor of Hamilton

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Zealong Function Centre Opening
It was great to catch up with John Key and Sir William Gallagher today at the opening of Zealong Tea[...]
How Best to Protect Heritage
I acknowledge that heritage, both Maori and European is important for Hamilton's identity. I have always had concerns around planning[...]
Parking Parking Parking!
The Hamilton Central Business Association leadership think Hamiltonians are negative about the CBD.  I think people actually love Hamilton ...[...]
New twist in Hamilton’s housing dilemma
I am very concerned for first time house buyers. Due to the scarcity of section availability prices have increased by[...]
Hamilton City Council’s Andrew King is standing for mayor
Hamilton City Councillor Andrew King announced on Monday night he will run for mayor. The councillor will also stand for[...]
I am Standing for Mayor
I will be standing for Mayor of Hamilton city in the 2016 elections. I have been a Hamilton City Councillor[...]
Manipulation shouldn’t be our foundation
Manipulation shouldn't be our foundation. Hamilton City Council must build on truth. Hamilton City Council has shot itself in the foot with[...]
Hamilton’s housing crisis
Hamilton’s housing crisis: It is simply not correct that Hamilton is ahead of the supply and demand equation. We have[...]