Accusations highlight growing rift at Hamilton City Council - Andrew King

Accusations highlight growing rift at Hamilton City Council

12 Feb 2016
Feb 12 2016


A spat has broken out among city politicians after one councillor accused another of costing ratepayers thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Councillor Angela O’Leary kicked off the stoush when she wrote a letter to the editor implying colleague Andrew King was suing the council at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars to ratepayers.

King has filed an appeal in the Environment Court against the council’s new district plan.


“I’m hoping it won’t get to court and we will get a good outcome. It was very disappointing to see what Angela wrote. She has absolutely no understanding of what is going on and that clearly came through in her letter.”

King serves as deputy chairman of the council’s strategy and policy committee.

Council resolved in 2011 to prepare a new district plan and, to date, has spent almost $5 million on the process.


My whole motivation is to make it easy for people to invest in our region. Yes, there may be a commercial interest for me, but this is also about creating a platform to encourage people to invest in Hamilton as a whole.”

The district plan is considered one of the city’s key documents.

Its overall aim is to manage growth to create an increasingly compact city.

The plan also encourages well-designed buildings through the use of strong urban-design provisions.

The plan attracted about 2500 submissions.

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