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Hey SkyCity, we say NO to 60 more pokies
Release by Andrew King about SkyCity. Pokie claims avoid the real issue of harm Hamilton Mayor Andrew King says recent[...]
Establishment of a Community Land Trust
After a lot of work, working with local community trusts and within Council to establish a Community Land Trust, it[...]
Free buses!
After I announced the idea last year, I'm very pleased to announce that Council has endorsed a trial for free[...]
Thank you for the love shown to our Muslim community
Hamiltonians, I want to thank you for coming together and sharing your love and support for the Muslim community during[...]
Zealong Function Centre Opening
It was great to catch up with John Key and Sir William Gallagher today at the opening of Zealong Tea[...]
How Best to Protect Heritage
I acknowledge that heritage, both Maori and European is important for Hamilton's identity. I have always had concerns around planning[...]
Parking Parking Parking!
The Hamilton Central Business Association leadership think Hamiltonians are negative about the CBD.  I think people actually love Hamilton ...[...]
New twist in Hamilton’s housing dilemma
I am very concerned for first time house buyers. Due to the scarcity of section availability prices have increased by[...]
Hamilton City Council’s Andrew King is standing for mayor
Hamilton City Councillor Andrew King announced on Monday night he will run for mayor. The councillor will also stand for[...]
I am Standing for Mayor
I will be standing for Mayor of Hamilton city in the 2016 elections. I have been a Hamilton City Councillor[...]
Manipulation shouldn’t be our foundation
Manipulation shouldn't be our foundation. Hamilton City Council must build on truth. Hamilton City Council has shot itself in the foot with[...]
Hamilton’s housing crisis
Hamilton’s housing crisis: It is simply not correct that Hamilton is ahead of the supply and demand equation. We have[...]
New Mayor Needed
Julie Hardaker is stepping down as mayor in October so the hunt is on.
At the rugby with my son Malcolm and family
At the rugby with my son Malcolm and family after a hard day in the office. Go the Chiefs!
Are you concerned about pokies in Hamilton?
“Are you concerned about pokies in Hamilton? At present pokie machines within the Gambling Permitted Areas can stay in their[...]
Accusations fly over billboard barney
From A spat has broken out between two political rivals over the use of a prominent Hamilton billboard in[...]
Hamilton leaders divided over CBD’s fortunes
Article from Waikato Times: Hamilton's central city is out-performing other major centres, according to latest financial figures. But business and[...]
Letter to the Editor
I’m replying to comments about me from Waikato Times columnist Denise Irvine in her “Looking for kindness in an era[...]
Meeting John Key
Look who I bumped into today at the Institute of Directors 25th Anniversary celebration as a guest of the ANZ![...]
Meeting Hon Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga
Hon Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga and myself after a meeting today at Hamilton City Council. Don’t be fooled by the red[...]
Have the fun police gone too far ?
There still needs to be hours when the dive pools are available for the public.  My opinion is yes, the[...]
Is Mayor Hardaker’s office manipulating the news?
Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker is pushing ahead with her idea to develop Ferrybank Park. My concern with the Ferrybank project[...]
I’m voting to change our flag
I'm voting to change our flag. I'm sick of being called an Aussie when I travel. For this reason when[...]
Ferrybank design team awarded $150k contract
I tried and failed to stop this silly spending. This park that Council has voted to further develop commercially -[...]
Accusations highlight growing rift at Hamilton City Council
From A spat has broken out among city politicians after one councillor accused another of costing ratepayers thousands of[...]
Hamilton councillors run up $43,000 bill on travel, accommodation and courses
From City councillors have billed ratepayers more than $43,000 this council term for travel, accommodation and course costs. In[...]
Grand Opening of the Ebbett Audi and Ebbett Volkswagen complex
Thanks Ben, Walter & Richard van den Engel for the invitation to the Grand Opening of the Ebbett Audi and[...]
Represented Hamilton City Council last week at the 75th birthday of Pavlovich Coachlines
I represented Hamilton City Council last week at the 75th birthday of Pavlovich Coachlines which my brother (Philip) worked for[...]
Hamilton should embrace one-way door policy for city bars
As policymakers Hamilton City Councillors have the chance to reduce alcohol-related harm associated with licensed venues at this Thursday's Council[...]
Mobile shops ‘betray’ Hamilton businesses
Either Mayor Julie Hardaker or Councillor Rob Pascoe had the chance to stop this silly proposal by voting with me[...]
Hamilton City Council moves to curb booze-fuelled mayhem
Restricting trading hours is the most effective, and cost-effective, measure available to policymakers to reduce alcohol-related harm associated with licensed[...]
Councillor calls for big exotic animals to go from Hamilton Zoo
It was very sad that Hamilton lost a zoo keeper in such a tragic way at the end of last[...]
Public to have their say on plans for city revamp
Here we go again! Proposing to spend huge amounts of money on Hamilton's central city with no budget allocated. It's[...]
Hamilton councillor Margaret Forsyth digs her hole deeper
Further to my post of the 31 August "Council standoff as King refuses to withdraw allegations" - Thanks to Geoff[...]
I am fiercely against commercial activity on land
I am fiercely against commercial activity on land which was put into Reserve (as a Park) by our forefathers for[...]
Represented Hamilton City Council yesterday at the Great Race finish line
Represented Hamilton City Council yesterday at the Great Race finish line. Harvard, Cambridge and Waikato Universities challenged for the honour[...]
Concerned about pokies in Hamilton?
Concerned about pokies in Hamilton? Hamilton City Council is seeking submissions on pokies this month. This is a once in[...]
Council removes Maori flag from statue
NZ Flag debate takes unusual twist. Love Hamilton and what I can do for the City but this was totally[...]
Engineering report raises concerns about prime Hamilton site
Why Hamilton City Council shouldn't be in the property market. We brought a piece of land for $3 million dollars[...]
Hamilton City Council says ‘no thanks’ to online voting trial
Why should Hamilton be the guinea pigs and spend $100,000+ of rate payers money to test electronic voting at the[...]
Hamilton city councillors question the cost of hosting football’s rising stars
What FIFA wants FIFA gets! Hamilton Council employees spent 9000 hours on the recent FIFA U-20 World Cup. At $100[...]
An exciting day for Hamilton!
An exciting day for Hamilton! Kiwi Air landed at Hamilton Airport for the first time just after midday. Congratulations Ewan[...]
Hamilton city councillor accuses colleague of making misleading comments
Should the public be concerned if members are misleading the Council? Should discussions be behind closed doors? Read more at[...]
Youth councils should be seen and not heard
A stellar opinion piece writing for the Waikato Times by Geoff Taylor. Possibly written 'tongue in cheek' but an engaging,[...]
Hamilton City Council agrees to funding package for Age Concern
Is there a "Hidden Agenda" to relocate our Senior Citizens from the prime location of the centre they paid towards?[...]
Hamilton city councillors say surplus no reason to break out the champagne
I could not, in good faith, vote in last week’s Finance Committee meeting to accept the report that provided an[...]
Hamilton City councillors use of Waikato Stadium corporate box questioned
Councillors have free access to a plush corporate box at Waikato Stadium and premium seating at most events at Founders[...]
Opening the new playground at Minogue Park, Hamilton
The lighter side of Council work. Opening the new playground at Minogue Park, Hamilton, yesterday. Having a race with fellow[...]