Have the fun police gone too far ? - Andrew King

Have the fun police gone too far ?

17 Mar 2016
Mar 17 2016

There still needs to be hours when the dive pools are available for the public.  My opinion is yes, the public should be able to use, under supervision, the 5m and 7.5m fixed platform, but not the 10m it is just too high.  Also the dive club, water polo, aqua jogging, underwater diving and kayak training to right themselves should get priority, if the pool has been booked.

I’m disappointed this is another thing our kids can’t do.  It started with climbing trees, our lullaby’s got pulled out, then Council swings and jungle gyms and now diving platforms.  Yes our kids will get winded, bruised, a sprain or even a broken bone in extreme cases if they land awkwardly, but unlikely and I would say there are more injuries “poolside” out of the water than off the dive platforms.

Letting our kids and adults use the diving platforms under supervision encourages activity in deep water and will lead to deep water confidence.  Then when they find themselves out of their depth they shouldn’t panic, as they would have learnt to be comfortable when they can’t touch the bottom.

Our drowning statistics are horrendous for a country surrounded by water.  The more we remove people from our deep water facilities the more drownings there will be.  What better way to gain confidence than using a fun tool like diving platforms to get Hamilton’s kids into deep water under supervision.

By protecting Hamilton’s dive platform users from a sprained ankle we are inadvertently putting them at risk of drowning.

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