Hamilton City Council's Andrew King is standing for mayor - Andrew King

Hamilton City Council’s Andrew King is standing for mayor

02 Aug 2016
Aug 02 2016

Hamilton City Councillor Andrew King announced on Monday night he will run for mayor.

The councillor will also stand for a West Ward council seat.

The 55 year old has a range of issues on his agenda, and freeing up land for residential property is at the top.

The shortage of greenfield sections in the city is because council has dropped the ball on infrastructure, he said.

What we should be doing is churning out sections, making sections available,” he said.

“Because we held back on spending five years ago in infrastructure, now we haven’t got the pipes in the ground and the roads in, so that there aren’t any [greenfield] sections available.

“If we were a manufacturer, our bank balance looks really good and our financial books look good, but we have got no product to sell.”

Spending in these areas is necessary and will bring a return, he said.

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