Hamilton's housing crisis - Andrew King

Hamilton’s housing crisis

05 Jul 2016
Jul 05 2016

Hamilton’s housing crisis: It is simply not correct that Hamilton is ahead of the supply and demand equation. We have no green field sections available and the next titled release won’t be until 2017. This has contributed to house prices being pushed up by $100k this year alone.

Our share of the $1b offered by the Government will help in time. I suggested this in a submission to the Government back in February and its great to see this is what the Government has done. But the cut in infrastructure spend by Hamilton City Council six years ago is now stalling the growth of our city. Our senior elected members keep telling us we have three year’s supply, but we don’t have any titled green fields sections for sale. What’s being said and market reality aren’t lining up. We need to be planning for infrastructure long term – 6 to 10 years in advance so that we can keep Hamilton as a fantastic city to live in.

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