Letter to the Editor - Andrew King

Letter to the Editor

19 Apr 2016
Apr 19 2016

I’m replying to comments about me from Waikato Times columnist Denise Irvine in her “Looking for kindness in an era of grumpiness” article on April 9.

On March 31, I questioned, at a Hamilton City Council meeting, why we were proposing to go to public consultation on the Founders Theatre three months before the seismic report was completed.

It’s not possible to tell how much the seismic repairs will cost, outside of a calculated guess. The latest guess is $20 million for the rebuild.

We’ve been informed that the Founders Theatre cannot re-open for a minimum of two and a half years. Why are we rushing into this decision?

It’s my role as a city councillor to ask these hard questions. I will rigorously defend Hamilton ratepayers, rather than rush into spending large sums of unbudgeted funds without proper and correct information, and without due diligence.

The Auckland Council is in a financial tailspin from rushing into unbudgeted spending.

I make no apology for my stand on the Founders Theatre.

Andrew King

Hamilton city councillor