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Parking Parking Parking!

08 Sep 2016
Sep 08 2016

The Hamilton Central Business Association leadership think Hamiltonians are negative about the CBD.  I think people actually love Hamilton … but the thing people do hate is parking in the CBD.

Let’s get more carparks and let’s explore alternatives for how we run the business improvement district (BID).  Hamilton is an awesome city, but we still can make it better.

Despite a buoyant local economy, new inner-city development and a rocketing population, negative perceptions of Hamilton persist.

And, it appears, Hamiltonians are the prime culprits.

Sandy Turner, outgoing general manager of the Hamilton Central Business Association, has delivered a no-holds-barred assessment of the city’s fortune as well as fired off a few parting shots at her critics.

Turner fronted at a recent meeting of the Hamilton City Council’s business and investment subcommittee and said more work is needed to share the “good news”.

One of the association’s priorities for the next three years is to improve public perceptions about the central city.

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